Secure Web Pages at! Increase orders on your website!


It's proven that if you have a secure page for entry of credit card information more people will put in their credit card information and order!

We are in the process of setting up this site as a SECURE SERVER! You can have a page on this server for the low introductory price of only $9.95 per month!


  • Fill out our application below!
  • Create your order form html file. (Don't forget to link back to your main site.)
  • Upload it to our server.
  • Link to your new secure page using SHTTP://SECURE1.COM/yourpage instead of HTTP://...

    That's it!

    It would take 6 supercomputers about 6 months to decipher a credit card number. Do you think they will try? Not for my credit card number!

    Lock in this price by filling in THIS FORM now!

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