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Fill in the form on the next page if you do not want to receive unsolicited email (SPAM). If the link to this page was on an email you received then that emailer uses our service. Mass emailers come here to clean up their lists. By registering with us you will be telling them you don't want to receive junk email. This way you don't have to respond to each of them telling them to take you off their list. Do it once, here!

We don't condone indiscriminate mass email advertising. Some may think we do by providing this service. This service is important to the Internet community in allowing it to police itself. Most emailers want to respect your right to an empty email box.

Many people like to receive email about new products and services available on the Internet. If you are not one of these then this is the place for your entry! We DO NOT email to nor give these email addresses to anybody!

If you are an emailer and want to use this service to clean your list CLICK HERE!

If you want your name removed from as many lists as possible CLICK HERE!

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