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Perhaps you have heard of Corey Rudl, the "Internet Marketing Guru?" He has been wildly successful at selling his own products on the Net and helped thousands of others succeed at doing the same thing. He has an incredible reputation online for quality and integrity.

You can well imagine that he is literally inundated with offers from all over the world from individuals who would like him to take a look at their business opportunities.

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- NO retailing (most people HATE selling)
- NO delivering or handling products
- NO big up-front investment
- NO complicated paperwork
- NO breakaways or territories
- and NO risk

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- unique and consumable products
- a HIGH reorder rate
- a LOW attrition rate
- a track record of success
- NOT a ground floor opportunity
- a chance to get a check without recruiting anyone
- and a low initial investment

MOST IMPORTANTLY - he wanted a company that prints ANNUAL INCOME STATISTICS, highs, lows, and averages and the AMOUNT OF TIME it takes to reach those levels....

The best part is that this market has not been attacked on the internet, and being the internet people we are, we can make a killing and monopolize the market!

The company also had to be multi-dimensional... not just a nutritional or a telecommunications or a personal care products... in other words, there has to be something in it for everyone.

Assuming he could find the perfect match (which he has), then in order to be successful he needed one more thing. he needed a TEAM of individuals in a group who are already successful themselves (ie. his group of 7 make a minimum of $30,000 A MONTH each - some as high as $150,000 a month!). Individuals who could show him how the money is made and help him show others how to achieve the kind of success they've been chasing for years.

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Bryan Emory