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A Home Based Business May Not Be For You...

...or so you may think, especially if you've watched as others have tried and failed, maybe some have even been your close friends and family members. Many approaches to financial independence are fraught with heavy debt, stress, and rejection.

Typically there are two approaches that most folks take to starting a home based business.

Bryan Emory
Your Host:
Bryan Emory

The "Traditional Route"

The so-called "traditional" route may require a substantial amount of start up money, office equipment/supplies, etc. Depending on the type of home business, there might even be an employee or two, expensive inventory, and a special vehicle involved. Last but not least, is lots and lots of elbow grease and midnight oil.

If you don't have a few thousand dollars lying around, there may also be the challenge of getting approved for a loan, taking out a second mortgage, maxing out the credit cards, or hitting up Aunt Edna for the money. I believe you deserve to enjoy your business experience, not create more stress in your life. Don't you agree?

Aren't you supposed to be gaining time and freedom?

The "Hard Core MLM" Approach

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is often held up as the way to go to attain your home business goals without the challenges of the "Traditional Approach" outlined above. Often the up front investment may only be a couple of hundred dollars. Well, that's pretty easy to handle.

However, this approach also has its own group of interesting challenges.

In most programs you need to begin referring (sponsoring) others in order to make any real money. So now the hunt is on.

First stop - The Family. Well, after a few days no one in the family is speaking to you any more for fear that you are going to try and "get them in" to your new business.

Time to move on to Mission #2 - Alienate All Of Your Friends.

Another few days pass and now you're out of friends and family... (ahem), I mean prospects. What now? It's time to learn the joys of "cold" prospecting, or presenting your business opportunity to complete strangers. How are you going to do that?

Time to head to Kinkos! You're gonna' need business cards and flyers. Oh yeah, and a staple gun or thumbtacks. Then you're gonna' head out to every bulletin board in every grocery store in town to post your new sales materials and hope that the phone calls come rolling in.

Meanwhile, you want to maximize your efforts so you head over to the local newspaper to take out a classified ad inviting everyone to come and join you in your business. However, you determine after a couple of weeks that this is just a little too expensive for the results (if any) achieved. Of course radio and television are out of the question.

Oh yeah, not to mention that all this time you are constantly on the phone (long distance of course) joining in on 45 minute conference calls. Also, there's the local business and presentation meetings held twice a week in the Hotel Conference Room that is only a half an hour from your house. There's just enough time to get home from your "day job," get cleaned up and head out to the meeting.

Your favorite part is inviting 5 guests (prospects) to each of these meetings and then showing up early to see how long it takes for most of them to never arrive.

Then you get your first hard earned paycheck and it doesn't quite cover the amount of your phone bill.

Didn't you want more time with your family?
Didn't you want control of your own destiny?

Hang on a second here, I thought you were starting a home business. But it doesn't seem like you're home very much at all!

What's The Answer?

To be honest, each of the approaches I have outlined above have their positive and productive qualities. The key is to:

  • Take The Positives From Each
  • Sprinkle In A Little Marketing Technology
  • Combine It All In A Proven System That Anyone Can Master!
There are also some key elements that you need to look for when choosing a home business to pursue. In fact, there are three key elements:
  1. A product that people want, need, and desire.
  2. A company/manufacturer that is reliable and respectable.
  3. A simple and effective system to follow and grow your business.
I believe that I have something for you to seriously consider that has everything you are looking for in a qualified, and successful home based business.

I have a product and a company that you can stand behind with confidence and pride.

I use a system that automatically helps me to locate qualified people (such as yourself) and present my business opportunity to them using the awesome power of the Internet. And I just love that when I use this system I never have to deal with rejection at all! I only talk to the folks that are already interested in what I have to offer and want to talk to me. No one minds that!

Hey, I've got a secret for you!

You're experiencing my system right now!

Yes, it's true! So far, it has been my friendly system that found you, contacted you, and brought you here to learn more about my exciting home based business offer. I have also been passively teaching you how easy it is to build this kind of business using a system like mine.

Oh yes, and all the while I've actually been at home (or on vacation)!

If you are looking to avoid the money draining pitfalls of starting a home based business, and are ready to reach out for your goals of personal and financial independence, let's chat for a few minutes. I look forward to hearing about your ambitions, and telling you a little bit about why what I have to offer is of such great value to you, and the goals that you deserve to reach.

Please fill in the form below. Tell me how you would prefer to be contacted, and tell me a little about yourself and your plans to have a successful home based business. If it turns out that what I have is not for you, at least we'll each make a new friend, and who knows what great things we might create together in the future?!

Also, if you look to the left hand side of this page, there are two wonderful tools that will allow you to contact me right away. You can click on the RealCall button and it will initiate a telephone call between us (on my dime), or you can click on the HumanClick button and we can text chat right here (and you don't need any special programs).

If I'm not in my home office for some reason, leave me a message and I will get back to you ASAP. (By the way, these same tools will be yours when you get started!)

Submit the form below, and I look forward to meeting you!

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