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Bryan began working with computers in 1978 when he purchased his first computer. Self taught in the Microsoft Basic language he moved on to Pascal, DAL, several operating systems, and Dataflex. He obtained a degree in electronics technology and now had the intellectual tools relating to both hardware and software. This knowledge, coupled with his powerful analytical skills, thrust him into great demand in the computer industry.

One example of his abilities is shown when he was working with a major avionics firm. One of the assembly lines in this plant of 4,000 employees was clogged up because a test fixture (the only one of its kind) had an intermittent problem. They sent the fixture to the calibrations lab where the very best technicians in the company worked on it for a week and still could not fix the problem. They frantically decided to send it to engineering where Bryan was working in Research and Development. In one half hour the problem was isolated and repaired. Needless to say, Mr. Emory could now name his position in the company...except President, of course. :-)

There is much more that could fill volumes (book or disk), but patting himself on the back is not one of his favorite pastimes.



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