If you're sure you know what to do, click here to go directly to the download link.

1. Click the link at the Download page to download AdMax$Nets.

If  your browser prompts you to save the file, save it to the desktop. Below is a screen shot showing the screen you should see when you save the file to the desktop.

2. When the download is complete, shutdown Netscape completely. To close all your open Netscape windows, choose File --> Exit.

3. After you shut down Netscape, you should see a file named Admaxnets.exe located on the desktop. (If you have the extensions disabled, it may just read Admaxnets). Double-click that file to begin the installation procedure.

Can't find the file? Go to the "start" button, choose "find" and then "files or folders". In the dialog box, type Admax* in the "named" text area. Then choose the find now button. The system is now being searched. Please be patient, if the system finds the file type specified it will list it in a windows below the find dialog box. If you see the file Admaxnets or Admaxnets.exe then double click it and proceed to step 4. See the image below for more.

4. The setup program will open a window and walk you through the easy installation process. Please be patient as the installation may take a few seconds.

5. When installation is finished, restart your Admax software and follow the simple instructions. .

Installation and Winzip tips

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